Art From Scratch
hand painting   Rachel Arthur



In my Gallery are various Realistic Illustrations. I can create images ranging from family portraits to icons in movies, music and sports by using your favorite photos.

Every photo that holds value is meant to be enjoyed and remembered.

Rachel Arthur in StudioI have been drawing from the early age of nine. Over the years I became an artist and advocate for the Arts. On the whole, art itself, influenced me to form a group. I founded a gallery to promote artists, of all kinds, in 2009. We were known as 'The Art From Scratch Exhibitions' and presented sixty artists, up to twelve artists every two weeks, and grew an interest of over six hundred applicants. The purpose was to promote a growth in art and artists alike. Since the range was wide; abstract, ceramics, glass, photography, mixed media, realism, and more, we were able to pull together and inspire our community with many forms of art. Our affiliations included artists, galleries, magazines, museums, newspapers, and colleges. We also gained the signature support of over five hundred people and businesses in the area.

I feel more than blessed to have had that opportunity to contribute to the arts, as well, been influenced by them. It has lead me to my passion of keeping memories alive through art. Families and friends can be remembered in many ways, yet adding a personal touch to that memory can make a world of difference. This is why I enjoy doing portraits.

If you have an interest in my work or have another project in mind, feel free to contact me.

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